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Thoughts about the project Gospelia kaikille and the Gospel Glory concert … “from the Heart of Gerald T. Smith”

A rewarding and gratifying collaborating

Collaborating with the project Gospelia kaikille is a rewarding and gratifying experience. I’ve had the esteemed pleasure of working alongside Nina Pakkanen and the project Gospelia kaikille, the wonderful singers and musicians on numerous occasions. Each time I work with the project Gospelia kaikille, I’m often amazed at the high quality of singing, the precise and accurate musicianship, the professional organization and preparation, the unique creativity, and the overall experience. Over the years, I’ve observed the consistency of thoughtful planning of the rehearsals and concerts, whereby the musicality is always of the highest level. I’m often impressed at the choir’s ability to sing various styles of gospel/sacred music with such excellence, precision, expertise, and passion. The song selections are sometimes advanced gospel songs with challenging syncopated complex rhythms, and intricate vocal harmonies, but the choir and musicians are able to fully execute every song with excellence and accuracy.

The rich history and heritage of Gospel Music

In addition, working with Nina Pakkanen and the project Gospelia kaikille is always exciting, fun, and exhilarating; it’s truly a blessing! It’s rewarding to see how the choir singers of various musical skill levels and experiences come together and unite as though they have been singing together for many years. During each rehearsal I have witnessed how the songs have inspired and uplifted the singers and musicians. The singers arrive at the rehearsals with excitement and anticipation, as they eagerly await to start rehearsing and singing the joyous gospel songs, to fellowship with one another, to reunite with other familiar singers, and to meet new singers and build friendships, as well. The project Gospelia kaikille is not only a wonderful opportunity for the participants to learn and sing new gospel and sacred songs, but it’s an opportunity for the singers to be educated even more about the rich history and heritage of this genre of music.

As a professional musician with years of experience playing, composing, singing, and teaching gospel music, it’s extremely refreshing to collaborate with such a unique and vital musical organization. It gives me great happiness and joy to collaborate with a Finnish organization who embraces and appreciates a genre of music that is so dear to my African American Heritage, roots, and culture. My heart overflows with joy each time I hear the angelic voices of the singers and the skillful musicians play many of the gospel songs that are so dearly cherished and a part of the African American culture and sung during many of our African American church worship services and concerts.

Gospel Music touches hearts, minds and souls

During the concerts, I have witnessed the audience singing with the choir, smiling, clapping their hands, standing, and often also dancing and moving along with the choir. The audience becomes one with the choir, whereby it’s such a beautiful and wonderful interactive and engaging experience. The audience will quickly transform from being concert spectators, to interactive participants during the concert. It seems almost “magical”, but in reality, it is the power of Gospel music! Gospel music is about Spirit as much as it is the Lyrics and the Sound. During many of the concerts, I’ve seen how the music moves and inspires not only the audience, but the choir singers and musicians, as well. On numerous occasions many of the choir singers and audience attendees of all ages, races, creeds, colors, and cultures will share how the music has touched their hearts, minds, and souls, and has been uplifting. Indeed, Gospel music is the “Good News of Jesus Christ, and the project Gospelia kaikille is touching the hearts of numerous people, the choir singers, the musicians, and the audience attendees.

Gospel Glory concert will leave you longing and wanting for more

I am so excited and thrilled about our upcoming concert, Gospel Glory 2.12.2023 in Vanha kirkko. It’s going to be a powerful, fun-filled, energetic, and heartwarming concert that will surely bring a smile to your face, put clapping in your hands, stomping in your feet, and bring joy to your heart! We have prepared a wide variety of gospel songs from heart touching meditative ballads, traditional and contemporary gospel songs, beautiful gospel advent songs, and soul stirring up-tempo songs, that will bring you quickly to your feet! It’s a pleasure and honor to have the opportunity to collaborate once again with so many gifted and talented singers, musicians, and soloists under the superb and excellent leadership and direction of my dear friend and colleague, Nina Pakkanen and the project Gospelia kaikille. Indeed, this soul stirring Gospel Glory concert will surely leave you longing and wanting for more!

- Gerald T. Smith

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